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I still upload my drawings here, but i'm not too active on here much at the moment. If you head over to my tumblr i upload sketches, and works that i don't always show here. I am a dummy! 

Also feel free to leave a comment and start a conversation... since everyone likes to favorite and run now days Waaaah! 
So i rarely get to come on my deviantart, or little alone draw, more than a few times a month, except when i upload those few drawings.. Unfornately most of my sketches don't leave my drawing pad, i get discouraged with them, then never bother uploading them. Those special few though, make it here on my page.

If anyone reading this, or stumbles across my deviantart page, welcome friend! 
*points toward tumblr* Check out my tumblr, and come chat & hang out with me over there!~ Having tumblr as an app on my phone i get to check it more often, so come check it out! ^_^ PLUS i reblog other people's cool stuff to share over there ;3
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so i'm finally gonna add some new stuff.... Finally got some stuff scanned.... but mainly discovered some new inspiration >.<
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Maybe some day i'll remeber to bring my sketch book to get it scanned so i can upload more sketches...... >.<

On the other note, i'm getting really good at 3ds max :D woo!…
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I'm slowly but surely adding my artwork....i gotz a lot that is finished, but add maybe 1 or 2 a day, so i don't spam the site.... lol... plus i hate people who spam myself..... most importley, i am writing this to fill the empty blank that has been on the page, and the very most important thing to remeber is......... *dramatic pause*........ why are you ready this?